This Crazy Idea

25 03 2010

Why not sit on a pavement begging for poems?

Really… why not?

Catch them, wrap em, book em, sell em, and havea go at making some dosh for charity – said teh dream. If i sell 200 copies at £10 each i’ll make enough to cover my backpackers, grub, gig and send £1000 to a kid charity taht is wokring in quake affected areas.

That was the idea.

Only thing is that 200 books is an apparently collasal target in “poetry book” terms. Drat. I Hadn’t figured that.

Nae bother pal, cause i can cover the print costs, and hawk theme on the streets and at gigs for the next “however-long-it-takes” and then send the cash. Good plan.

And then a new though arose. actually a question. How do I make the biggest impact on the quake affected kids?

The answer showed up… I’ve got to go and personally spend time with them. Listen to their stories, maybe catch their poems. Then, come back home. and share, Share, SHARE. Another book. What ya think?

Time to hit the road?

d' backpackin' poemcatcher




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