If your name is Carol Ann Duffy

18 08 2010

This poem is just for you
I’m really glad we met
that you bought a book or two,
that you liked my fancy net,


You caught me unawares,
unprepared and unforeseen
In my surprise I flustered
more important was the dream
As peacock feathers stand
so i am proud and tall
That Laureate and thee
a poem to write I call
Of Scotlands Festive season
and most all all inspire
to write, to write a poem
and muse with me a while
It won’t be in the book fair
Fair banned and barred I’ve been
but on the streets O Reekie
Is where I can be seen

So write for me in pen
And pen a poem i pray
inviting Scottish kinsmen
and visitor to play
with words about the season
of festive write and cheer
and mail to “Poem-Catcher”
Always present, evernear.




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