Christmas Books needs your poems

8 11 2010

You are invited to write a Cheery Christmas Poem to be published in early December

Cheery Christmoose

A Cheery Christmoose

I realised that I cannae wait until its Christmas season to catch street poems. Who wants to buy a Christmas book in January? So I’m inviting you to write your Christmas poem early this year and to email it to me. I’l do my usual thing – and make a book with it (hopefully an e-book and a paper book) and promise to have it ready by the first week of December so that you can buy it for all your friends. (assuming I get more than 75 poems)
Sound like a plan? Please email you poems by Sunday 14th November (5pm deadline)

Remember to give it
1) A Title
2) The poet’s name


I have some scope for including pictures  and artwork in black and white. So feel free to doodle your favourite Christmas characters.
Oh, if you hate Christmas, and don’t celebrate it – I want a poem about that too. Its an odd time of year and all perspectives are welcome.

With thanks





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