Poemcatcher USA

8 09 2012

PoemCatcher made his USA debut outside Washington DC at a conference of healers from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. It was a fabulous opportunity to marry the worlds of Creativity and Healing, bringing emphasis on the deeper inspiration behind the project.

Two key pieces of wisdom were offered in this presentation:

  1. You cannot ask permission to do something crazy. Take the initiative and do it.
    Whether it is sitting down on a pavement to beg for poems or bravely kissing newness in life – you should really give it a  go. Expect nerves. expect fear, expect uncertainty. Do it anyway. Watch the world respond.
  2. If your world to be full of brilliance, then shine your own brilliance 

I used to see the world through a personal filter that had me seeing only the woundedness of people, and not their brilliance. I wanted to change that, and this  project is how I did it. After collecting over 1000 poems, I have reshaped my view of the world and now everywhere I walk I see poems in the act of being written and poets in the act of writing them.

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