Poem Catcher goes State Side

26 06 2014

Its been a while since i Donned my Kilt and net to inspire fresh poetry, but I’m delighted to be travelling in The USA and telling the story of my first book QUAKE.

I recently picked up 3 hitchkikers in Colorado. They were fascinating and brave, choosing to live their summers on the road, hitchhike, riding trains and seeing the USA.
They know what it takes to sit down on a pavement and “beg” for food, as I know what its like to sit and “begg” for poems. They reminded me that forage, beg or busk… life really gets lived in the meeting of people and the moments that these interactions create.

I hope to present a 2 minute version of THE ADVENTURES OF A POEMCATCHER to the WORLD DOMMINATION SUMMIT of 3000 people in Portland Oregon in July.
this will give me  a chance to shatter the world poemcatching record ( currently at 140 poems in 6minutes and 40 seconds.) My new target is 1500 poems in 2 minutes!

I want to remind myself and the world… that

  • spontaneous creativity is Life itself…edgy, fun, awkward, imperfect and BEAUTIFUL
  • Uncensored creativity has the most joy in it. (ban the critic)
  • The playful attitude of children towards their creativity is our guide for success.

Holding thumbs.





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