The Perfect Apology

10 09 2014

When Green Canyon Outfitters had a problem delivering my new net ahead of the World Domination Summit, they asked: “How can we make it up to you?”  My answer… “Please write me poems!”  Well done on your inspirational customer service. Love you guys.

1. You want a14638035491_4d072eb3d3_k discount for the stress you were put through
Let me tell you what we are willing to do
We will personally wrap your butterfly net
Make it so nice, you will not get upset
We will ship it to you with speedy delivery
It will get there so fast, you will not experience any misery
You will be amazed at the things we are willing to do for you
We would like to apologize for the stress you went through

2. Green Canyon Outfitters is the place to shop
Come see our deals that never stop
We sell everything outdoors
If we could we’d sell you our floors
We sell rods, reels, & cast nets
Tents, targets, & butterfly nets
So whether you want to go fishing, hunting, or camping
Come shop with us because our inventory and deals we are always revamping!




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