Truth be told Story Slam

27 03 2017

Shipwreck Poetry

15 12 2014


Clunk. Wakeup Poetry.

2 12 2014

canva clunk

Violins – Heartache poetry

29 11 2014

canva heartache

Concrete Poetry

27 11 2014


Mornings clasp my soul.
Wet cement wraps possibility.
Moses, Oh Moses
breathe back the waters.

Wading. Only waist deep
false freedom rejoices.
My legs are trapped.

When with death
set hard like concrete
the slurry of mourning?

Ferocious Love

26 11 2014

rabbid dog howls,1
lathering infection,
spits at love.

rampant yawns,
sharp teeth tell,
none shall pass.

ferocious pacing.
small cage.
waiting for prey.

striped by love,
blackened fear
flicks the tail

Can a computer really make personalized poetry?

6 11 2014

You may not believe that a computer can make you a customized poem that matches your personality, beliefs and world view just by scanning your brain with some geeky-techno-helmet-thingy.

This knocked my socks off, leaving me speechless. I honestly sat down for an hour wondering “What just happened?”

Poem Catcher tests the BRAINS ON ART computer at the Frankfurt Bookfair