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105 poems in 15 minutes – a playful book with doodles and rhymes created at a musical summer camp (Edinburgh Youth Gaitherin)

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 Fresh from the streets of St. Andrews, created a month ahead of the Royal Wedding – filled with great poems about gifts, jealous prince hunters, what to wear, and anticipation of the great holiday. Reduced price – now £6.50 (free UK Delivery)


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This book captures the optimism of Britain’s Got Talent – first round auditionees in Glasgow as they patiently wait for their chance to shine.
Will Simon Cowell and the judges see their brilliance or will they face rejection? Read their spontaneous poetry and letters to the judges donated to the PoemCatcher


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A creepy collection of haunted poems gathered in Auld Reekie (Edinburgh) over the festival weekend of Halloween and the pagan Samhuinn parade. (Celtic New Year) With poems written by ghouls and ghosts – you’ll find this anthology slightly devilish, a tad mythical and honoring of the infamous Jack ‘O Lantern.









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A book of explosive fireworks poetry written on the streets at the Edinburgh Festival Fireworks Show. This collection is fiery, quirky and explosive, set in the backdrop of the Castle and legions of history – what do you do while waiting for the show to begin…Write a poem of course!







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SALTY – Poems from the sea

Poems from the town of North Berwick during the “Fringe by the Sea”. This is a story of community – from the old-age home to the youth-club, including festival goers, families, kids, sailing,  romance on the beach, sunsets,  dad’s on the golf course and much more to entertain you.


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This book was made by the delegates of IMC9 conference in Edinburgh between 1st and 6th August. It will be full of brilliant, inspired mycological poems donated to a pavement poemcatcher.


If you like the idea and trust the vision, please click here to buy it. It will be posted to you in early September.


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Available 28th June


The 1st in the Championship Trilogy. The plan is to make it in the first 2 days of the tournament and have it for sale by day 7.

It captures the excitement of the first days and will be filled with fresh poems, courageously and creatively written.


“SET” 2nd in the trilogy. Click to Buy

The second of the trilogy with poems captured from the weekend busy-ness.  Including fresh poems from Murray Mound, The Camping Session, Middle Saturday and Isner Vs Mahut.

“MATCH” from the finals.Click to Buy


3rd in the trilogy with poems from the finals.





The Trilogy – Game, Set & Match. Click to Buy

Buy all three books and save £5

The CHAMPIONSHIP TRILOGYis your definitive poetic snapshot of Wimbledon 2010. A collection of 450 poems over two weeks, from all angles of the tournament. Its a “Must Have” memoir. Click image to buy.

Poemcatcher’s 1st book. Add to order

“QUAKE – Built from nothing”

This amazing book was made in 4 days in March 2010. It has raised £500 for Haiti Orphans and seeded

HRH Prince Charles was given a copy and loved it. Click for photos.


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