Fungi Poems


Molecules flow through space

ebbing and eddying

a single cell forms into life

touching another, making love

cellular strings lace outwards

forking, branching, frolicking

mosaics of networks emerge

a model of life surges

finds home on land

on this blue planet

the network is mycelium

rejoices in creation

in elegance and grace, to form

a mushroom

the universe smiles

By Paul Stamets

The fungal thread of death

It was a damp summer

all the gutters leaked

into my mansion

Rotten plaster and window frames

The fungal thread of death.

I played squash like a maniac

Every week. The showers

were humid and smelt quite bad.

My feet too. Smelly trainers.

The fungal thread of death.

I went organic. Green spuds

and tomatoes too. Chemical free.

By August they were all black and putrid

The fungal thread of death.

I printed this poem

on high grade handmade paper.

The sweetest cellulose. Quite soon

It was spotty and almost gone.

The fungal thread of death.

By  John Lucas ( unfortunately to late for publishing in the book)

PLAYFUL BOYS – By Elizabeth Sheedy

Oh playful boys of the forested groves

With caps all alone or fruiting in droves

All colours from browns to bright blues and red

Beneath are the searching, invisible threads

Connecting all plant in the life and death plan

Continue, caring not for endeavours of man

MUSCARIA IN MIND – by Ted Tuddenham

To find the sacred mushroom

on the trail,

The ‘shroom of shaman,

priest and fairy tale

To seek and spot the red

topped Amanita

And then, oh joy

To pick and eat her


Creeping, seeping, spitting spores

Fungi link the forest’s floors

Living fountains, shifting webs,

Feed the living, eat the dead.

To the scientist who fears

the world of art so strange
I share with you the doubt
That e’re the two shall twain

Together? be these worlds
Together? where to start?
Together? doubt our minds
Can mix a science and art

You know not of the rhythm
The meter or the form
for words to blend to meaning
for poems to write and dawn

I know not of the science
The technics of the lab
Pharmaceutics or genetics
the latest Myco fad

Yet here we are together
In Scotlands castle zone
a city proud of literature
UNESCO’s writing home

So we call on Ye who visit
With science on the mind
Welcome to this city
We hope you find the time

to wander to the castle
botanics and the seat
Where Arthur’s names’ interred
where people walk and greet

We hope you meet your nemesis
in challenge ye shall grow
We hope you taste the Whisky
with dram in ye to flow

We hope you learn of fungus
more than you ever dreamed
We hope you write a poem
to tell us what you’ve seen

So Grow your art of science
And teach us through your words
of mycologic meaning
mixed with poetic prose

By Andrew Newman

AKA PoemCatcher

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