IMC9 The Biology of Fungi is welcoming 1500 delegates from around the world for a 6 day conference on all things Mushroomy. I’m sure that’s not the technical term – “Mycology” would be more apt, and by the end of the week of poemcatching, i suspect I’ll know considerably more about mushrooms than I currently do.

The challenge will be for these scientists to engage their artistic abilities and “grow the art of their science”. Leading the way is the conference keynote speaker, with an address titled The Poetry of Mycological Accomplishment and Challenge” (Prof. John W. Taylor of University of California, Berkeley, USA)

I look forward to meeting the man. It takes courage to open a world-class scientific event with poetry. Aptly it will be at Usher Hall – where I launched “QUAKE – Built from nothing” and raised £500 for charity. All the statistics confirm that he’ll be a huge success.

I’m thrilled to have support from the UNESCO City of Literature team. They love the idea of “conference books” that capture the visitor experience of this great city.

And wait, there’s more… The Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburghis hosting a 4 month exhibition “From Another Kingdom – The Amazing World of Fungi”. Hopefully they’ll be selling the conference book.


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