Yo bros.
Its time to grow Mo’s and write Mo Poems…this is where you inspire the desire. Where you get to spout your love to the most awesome holy Mo.

HOW ….? you ask – well by banging out a poem. Dedicated to the one you love.

There are 850 000 men growing mo’ s. I would love a poem from each and every one of you (and then I’d crash my server !) what an awesome problem that would be. I’ll settle for 850 poems as an outrageously ambitions target.


Your love of your Mo each day as you grow;
The feel of the tickle, the itch or the prickle;
Your lovers’ repose to the hair near your nose;
The smile or the wink at another man’s mink;
The healthy mens issues, Mo products or tissues;
The Razor that rests, the Mo on your chest;
Bejazzle your M0, not down below!
Let all the world see your smile running free.
Whatever the angle, the word or the rhyme
Honour your MO by jotting a line.


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