PoemCatcher offers a schools program to meet and reach all ages of kids,  inspiring creativity, learning, literacy and emotional intelligence.  I offer is great value for schools – and even a chance to profit from my visit through book sales.

The PoemCatcher Adventure – Audiovisual Presentation
A 20 minute talk
Followed by spontaneous creative writing around a theme
With readings and feedback on delivery
  1. Inspiring the possibilities of  “building from nothing”
  2. Grow listening skills – listening requires a tolerance of others views. When sharing a poem people the audience is excited to put down their views and actively listen.
  3. Growing self-confidence and self- belief.
  4. Cultural shift away from critical judgement
  5. Cultural shift towards appreciation and acceptance of others
  6. Teach supportive evaluation.


Make a Book
A practical class that takes the fresh poems and makes it into a book. Class works in groups to design cover, consider content, e.g copyright page, pictures, dedication, title. 

Establish working groups and set project deadline (i.e homework)Supervise (depending on age)

Enterprise training in the business aspects of publishing.
Marketing and Selling Book 

A mixed theory and practical class that sets a strategy for

Planning a book launch (Guest, venue, costs, etc)

Poetry readings and performance guidelines


Enterprise Training in sales and marketing.
Drama/ Public Speaking training
Charity Sales and Fundraising 

Making a book to sell for fundraising



Through charity work

Web Publishing and Sales 

How to make an e-book – a lecture
Using performance poetry videos to sell your book

Enterprise Training

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