Seaside Poems


Called by the sea

near a Place named Melbourne, down under

the Burgh and the Seabird bluff

where the Firth furls forth and the Firth

faces north to its south-facing shore

in a Berwick north of Berwick

by an islet that May and a rock

of Bass in a shoal of isles

where the Links are linked

by Quality Street

and the hill is Law.

By Will Daunt


HIGH TIMES – By John Shaw

High tides predicted
High times expected
High times ensued
Eddi was good
Phil was brill
But Maggie was
My darling
– And Pauline left
me breathless not

BUNFIGHT by Alison Craig
Launches  Launching
Bellies Paunching
Comedians Huddling
Peddlars Guddling
Tourists Swarming
Weather Warming
Teenagers Posing
Old Dossers Dozing
Beer Taps Gushing
PR Types Rushing
Everyone Pushing
Quiet types Shooshing
Thespians Emoting
Fosters judges Voting
Footlights are trying
Some on-stage dying
The good  and  the bad
The ugly and sad
The funny and tragic
Some crap and some magic
The festival fringe
the wild late night binge
3 weeks of the year
God help us – Its here

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