Can a computer really make personalized poetry?

6 11 2014

You may not believe that a computer can make you a customized poem that matches your personality, beliefs and world view just by scanning your brain with some geeky-techno-helmet-thingy.

This knocked my socks off, leaving me speechless. I honestly sat down for an hour wondering “What just happened?”

Poem Catcher tests the BRAINS ON ART computer at the Frankfurt Bookfair

My Little Pony Fans ( a rather unexpected universe)

6 11 2014

Watch with caution. This will open your mind to a hidden universe.

So many questions….
Perhaps I should go Poemcatching at Bronycon 2015?!

What do you think?


8 10 2014


Wilkommen liebe gaste..

It is my great joy to be Poem Catching at the Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany. Please write a fresh poem on a  “Book Theme”.

Maybe you are inspired by the feel of turning a page, the sound of a chapter ending, the smell of paper, your favourite author’s perfume, the curve of your favourite letter, the book you dream of writing, the perfect title, my publisher’s dream client …

Pages turn
The life of me.
Towards the end
The story unravels.
The plot is always clear
In hindsight.

I’d like to raise some money to help aspirational authors from South Africa publish their books.