Violins – Heartache poetry

29 11 2014

canva heartache

Concrete Poetry

27 11 2014


Mornings clasp my soul.
Wet cement wraps possibility.
Moses, Oh Moses
breathe back the waters.

Wading. Only waist deep
false freedom rejoices.
My legs are trapped.

When with death
set hard like concrete
the slurry of mourning?

Ferocious Love

26 11 2014

rabbid dog howls,1
lathering infection,
spits at love.

rampant yawns,
sharp teeth tell,
none shall pass.

ferocious pacing.
small cage.
waiting for prey.

striped by love,
blackened fear
flicks the tail


8 10 2014


Wilkommen liebe gaste..

It is my great joy to be Poem Catching at the Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany. Please write a fresh poem on a  “Book Theme”.

Maybe you are inspired by the feel of turning a page, the sound of a chapter ending, the smell of paper, your favourite author’s perfume, the curve of your favourite letter, the book you dream of writing, the perfect title, my publisher’s dream client …

Pages turn
The life of me.
Towards the end
The story unravels.
The plot is always clear
In hindsight.

I’d like to raise some money to help aspirational authors from South Africa publish their books.

Day 1 Mo Hunt

1 11 2012


I didn’t see a bro with a mo yet, yo
Wonder how long these things take to grow.
Hoping, O hoping that my girl will flow
With the itch and and the twitch and not be a bitch
I’m growing my love on lip to say
Men’s health important, didn’t shave to day
And i won’t be shavin’ for a month long strike
Growin my Mo. Thats what i like

Moustache Poetry

31 10 2012

Yo bros.
Its time to grow Mo’s. And this is where you inspire the desire. Where you get to spout your love to the most awesome holy Mo.

HOW ….? you ask – well by banging out a poem. Dedicated to the one you love.

There are 850 000 men growing mo’ s. I would love a poem from each and every one of you (and then I’d crash my server !) what an awesome problem that would be. I’ll settle for 850 poems as an outrageously ambitions target.

Your love of your Mo each day as you grow;
The feel of the tickle, the itch or the prickle;
Your lovers’ repose to the hair near your nose;
The smile or the wink at another man’s mink;
The healthy mens issues, Mo products or tissues;
The Razor that rests, the Mo on your chest;
Bejazzle your M0, not down below!
Let all the world see your smile running free.
Whatever the angle, the word or the rhyme
Honour your MO by jotting a line.



29 04 2012

A playful poem dedicated to the Dalai Lama’s visit to Scotland, The Samye Ling monastry and my own grandiosity