Where it started

Where it started

The memoirs of a poem catcher were birthed at StAnza’s, Scotland’s poetry festival in 2010 – earning the title of “the unofficial one-man fringe” where a hundred-and-something poems were begged, borrowed and stolen on the streets of St Andrew’s – to make a wee book called QUAKE, to raise money for kids affected by quakes.

“I woke up on the morning of day two with the name ‘poem-catcher’ on my tongue. It was more of a verb than a noun.  The action of my day past and present. It was clear that I was not “THE” poemcatcher, but rather  “A” poem catcher. Maybe the first, maybe not.  It wasn’t and isn’t important. It was a blue-sky-day and I had poems to catch.”

I’m based in edinburgh and happy to travel for poem-catching gigs.


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