Here are some interesting PoemCatcher Statistics.

The first ever begging for poems was on Thursday 18th March 2010.
58 poems were donated on the 1st day – each with the word “Quake”
139 poems were collected in 4 days
21 books sold in 4 hours (pre-print)

The largest audience
3000 people in 90 seconds at the World Domination Summit, Portland 2014

Most poems donated in a minute:
29 poems written in 60 seconds – At an RSA Conference

Fastest Book
New Record – 140 poems in 6min and 40 seconds..Petcha Kutcha cape Town.
105 poems in 15 minutes from EYG summer camp. Mouse poetry book on the press…

Previous fastest books
1) “Fireworks” book made in under 6 hours (72 poems)
2) BALLS from the queue(SET) was made between 5pm friday and 11 am saturday

Most Consecutive books
Wimbledon: 3 books made in 12 days

Countries Inspired
Scotland, England, Ireland, Holland, Netherlands, America, South Africa

Languages submitted
Latvian, Italian, Romanian, Urdu, Arabic, Hindi, German, Finnish, Dutch, American, Afrikaans,

The first 6 months
9 books in 6 months
by an estimated 580 poets.
(18 March to 6th September 2010)

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